008 Heading off the edge of the Caprock at CCSP


This is Caprock Canyons State Park, just north of Quitaque, TX (say KIT-a-kway) about 75 miles southeast of Amarillo. The Caprock is a huge table of land, flat as can be, that stretches from northeastern NM throughout most of the panhandle of TX. It was native grassland before it was settled and was prime buffalo country. This park is at the dramatic eastern edge of it. North of here are many "buffalo wallows." They are ponds in the flat land that were formed when buffalo rolled in mud and coated their hides. When they walked away they took the mud with them which accomplished two things; it kept the bugs off of them and it very slightly deepened the low spot. Many of these buffalo wallows are now almost 30 feet deep.

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