023 Berthoud Pass


The next day we took a big loop drive east on I-70 about 35 miles, about 45 miles north to Winter Park and Granby, 30 miles west to Kremmling, southwest 30 miles on a gravel road through Gore Canyon to State Bridge,CO, south about 25 miles to I-70, then east about 50 miles on I-70 to Frisco and Breckenridge. This pass was just south of Winter Park, CO. I talked to a bicyclist at the top who had pedalled up to the top of this pass and asked him how long it took him to get to where he could make a climb like that at that altitude. He said he had lived in the mid-west, riding 400 miles a week for several years before moving to the bottom of this pass and it still took him two years before he could do it. We never got over HOW MANY bicyclists we saw moving up 8% grades at 12,000 feet like it was nothing.

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