I often "stitch" pictures together into wide panoramas.  When viewing an album, look for the presence of a scroll bar at the bottom of your screen.  The length of the scroll bar indicates how much of the picture is off the screen to the right.  Press the right arrow on your keyboard to scroll right and see the rest of the panorama.

Each photo album page will have a title above the picture, and most have additional description below.  You may have to scroll down a bit to see the additional description.  Just below that are five thumbnail pictures for navigation.  The current picture will be the center (third) thumbnail.  Either click the fourth thumbnail to advance to the next picture or click "Next > >".   At the end of an album, click "Index" to return to this page.

Click an album below to begin.

Album 1 - in Budapest

Album 2 - to Vienna, Austria

Album 3 - to Durnstein and Melk, Austria

Album 4 - to Passau, Germany

Album 5 - to Regensburg, Germany

Album 6 - to Nuremberg, Germany