2014 Italy Tour

MAP key to locations - Opens new tab so you can leave the map open for reference.


One-time trick to eliminate constant sideways scrolling if regular photos
(not panoramas) go off the right edge of your screen:
1 -Open an album to a regular photo page (not a short, wide panorama).
2 -Type CTRL  +   or   CTRL  -  until it fits just right. SHIFT-CTRL + or -
    to get the type size right.
Note: Panoramas are supposed to require scrolling.
Next trick: Press the F-11 key after you launch an album to select Full Screen.
    F-11 again to return to normal.

    1 - Sorrento album - complete.  MapDetail map.
    1 - Sorrento album - short.

    2 - Pompeii album - short

    3 - Rome album - complete.  My favorite,
                amazing history, lots of pics.  Several
                wide stitches, so watch for scroll bar.
    3 - Rome album - short.  Portions of the
                narrative are missing because of
                pictures deleted from the full album.

    4 - Orvieto - short - 44 pictures.  An amazing setting for
                an ancient medieval city in Umbria (map).

    5 - Assisi - Birthplace of Saint Frances, patron saint of animals
                and one of two patron saints of Italy.  The only saint who
                comes to mind who died peacefully.  Map.

    6 - San Gimignano,  and Viareggio.  SG is a beautifully preserved ancient walled town,
                and VR is a seaside resort on the edge of the Tyrrhenian Sea (part of the
                Mediterranean) near Lucca.
    6 - San Gimignano, and Viareggio - short.  The narrative will jump because of pictures
                omitted from the full album.

    7 - Cinque Terre - Boat trip to five villages in a National Park on the Italian Riviera.
    7 - Cinque Terre - short album.

    8 - Florence - Birthplace of the Renaissance.  Home to some of the world's most famous art galleries.
    8 - Florence - short album.

    9 - Venice - City of Light.
    9 - Venice - short album.